Photo workshops

Bird of prey photography, wildlife photography, birds in flight

Photo perfection birds in flight. Training theory and practice in the beautiful Grünau Wildlife Park.
Capture gray geese, bald ibises, ducks and common ravens perfectly in flight.
Picture review and support from Manfred Hesch.

Photo workshop auf  Hohenwerfen Castle, with the most beautiful backdrop of the Tennengebirge. There is a brief theory and discussion of camera settings/focus settings prior to the morning session.
There are 2 photo sessions in total. One in the morning, then a break with some theory and discussing the pictures from the morning.
Second session in the afternoon and then analysis of the images from the afternoon.

Photo discussion and support with Manfred Hesch.  Max. 2 participants

Take a perfect picture of the dipper in its natural habitat. Tips and tricks about image composition and camera settings.
Max. 2-3 participants.
Picture review and support from Manfred Hesch

Fotoworkshop Wasseramsel