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Photo workshops

Bird of prey photography, wildlife photography, birds in flight

Photo workshop where theory is not neglected either. Photo perfection birds in flight. Training theory and practice.
Detailed theory and understanding and optimising settings on your own camera. There are a maximum of 1-2 people at the workshop, so that we really have time for the individual participants.
Grey geese, grey herons, ducks, ravens - perfect shots of everything that flies.
Image discussion and support with Manfred Hesch.

Fotoworkshop scharf im FLUG

Photo workshop auf  Hohenwerfen Castle, with the most beautiful backdrop of the Tennengebirge. There is a brief theory and discussion of camera settings/focus settings prior to the morning session.
There are 2 photo sessions in total. One in the morning, then a break with some theory and discussing the pictures from the morning.
Second session in the afternoon and then analysis of the images from the afternoon.

Photo discussion and support with Manfred Hesch.  Max. 2 participants

Experience wild white-tailed eagles in deepest Poland, photograph them and deepen your knowledge of wildlife photography with the support of Manfred Hesch. A workshop where the trained falconer not only passes on his falconry knowledge of the birds of prey, but also his photography know-how.

wildlife workshop polen

The capercaillie is most beautiful to photograph during courtship. Photo hike through the mountains of Berchtesgaden with photographic accompaniment by Manfred Hesch. He not only shares his extensive knowledge about the animals, but also his photographic know-how.

The ground squirrels are always good for funny motifs. The  wildlife photo workshop takes place near Vienna in the early morning to capture the best lighting mood and again after a lunch break in the afternoon.
With a maximum of 2-3 participants, there is enough time for Manfred Hesch to optimally support the photographers with image design and technical support, as well as with information about the animals.

Take a perfect picture of the dipper in its natural habitat. Tips and tricks about image composition and camera settings.
Max. 2-3 participants.
Picture review and support from Manfred Hesch

Fotoworkshop Wasseramsel
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