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Wildlife Berchtesgaden

Bundespreissieger Berufsfotografie 2023


Berufsfotografie 2023


Wildlife photo workshop in Berchtesgaden, on the trail of the capercaillie during the mating season.
I will announce the meeting point 1-2 days in advance and around 7.00 a.m. we will hike for a good hour to the Auherhahn's territory.

During the hike to the Balzplatz we can already enjoy the beautiful landscape in the Berchtesgadner Land.
The tour usually runs from early April to mid-May. There can still be a lot of snow at this time of the year, but it can also be very warm and snow-free. Depending on the weather situation, clothing must be selected accordingly.

Warm and good hiking shoes are essential and I recommend using many layers (onion look) for clothing.

Arriving at the Balzplatz, we hope that the capercaillie is in a good mood and shows itself accordingly often. In these weeks the capercaillie is at its peak of courtship and the chances of good pictures are very high.  Manfred Hesch will provide you with the animal knowledge as well as possible and provide the best possible photographic support.

  • 11.00 a.m. - Spend the lunch break in a nearby inn to warm up (approx. 20 min. walking time)

  • After the lunch break we try our luck again

  • We hike back around 2:00 p.m

The goal is a beautiful day in nature and to come home with lots of good photos.

The workshops take place every year from approx.April 01 - May 15instead of. Depending on the weather and courtship behavior, this can move forward or backward every year, so registrations have to be kept somewhat flexible.


19. April 2024 ausgebucht

22. April 2024 -

23. April 2024

Für 2025 werden Reservierungen gerne entgegengenommen!


1 day

Target group:

Beginners / Advanced

Number of participants:

2-3 participants

Participation fee per participant
€ 299.00 per person


Recommended equipment:

  • Own SLR camera or system camera, telephoto lens from 100-500mm for full format cameras, telephoto lens 100-300mm for MFT cameras and telephoto lens 100-500mm for APSC cameras

  • Enough memory cards and full batteries, reserve battery

  • tripod

  • Take a drinking bottle and possibly small snacks with you. Possibly a thermos flask if there is still snow and the temperatures are low

  • Warm  and waterproof shoes, gloves and warm winter clothing (in several layers - so-called onion look)

  • Hiking sticks and possibly snowshoes (depending on the weather)

  • rain jacket

  • Rain cover for camera and lens

  • I provide a LAPTOP for evaluating and discussing the pictures


Not included in the participation fee is:

Any accommodation costs


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