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Photo workshop


Bundespreissieger Berufsfotografie 2023


Berufsfotografie 2023


This workshop is based on observing the beautiful dipper in its habitat and capturing it photographically.
Especially the months of March to June are particularly impressive. During this time the young birds are raised and learn to fly, dive and feed on their own.
At the end of February the eggs are laid and after 15-16 days the young birds hatch. During this time the male is very busy feeding the fledglings and also the female. This is the best time to photograph and observe, because the flight frequency is very high.

After another 24 days, so about the end of March / beginning of April, the fledglings are fledged and also this part is highly interesting for observations and photographs, because the fledglings are still cared for by the parents for about 14 days and sometimes still fed. They also learn to fly, dive and hunt for caddisfly larvae in the water.

At the beginning of May the second brood is usually prepared and the young birds have to look for their own territory. The whole wonderful magic starts all over again. 

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Fotoworkshop Wasseramsel - MH-Photography

There are courses from March 1st to June 30th and September 10th to November 15th every week from Monday to Friday.

Desired dates can be specified when registering. The earlier in the year you register, the more dates you can choose freely.

Target group:

Beginners and advanced

Number of participants:


Participation fee (per participant):

€ 249

Focus of the workshop:
Wildlife Photography Dipper - from the camouflage tent - other birds such as cormorants and herons also like to show themselves

Recommended equipment:

Own reflex camera or system camera, telephoto lens from 500mm with full-format camera, telephoto lens from 200-300mm with MFT camera and telephoto lens from 300mm with APSC camera, if available 1.4 Tele converter, backpack or camera bag, tripod and swivel head (preferably Wimberley or similar), weatherproof clothing (wind - and waterproof), sturdy shoes, weather protection for camera and lens, memory cards, fully charged batteries and optionally a laptop.

Take a water bottle and possibly small snacks with you.

Not included in the price:
getting there
overnight stay

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