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Wildlife - Mammals
Fine Art Photo Works

Fineart wildlife pictures - in shadow gap frame

UV print in a shadow gap frame (wooden frame) - the birds of prey pictures get a floating effect in the high-quality, handmade wooden frame

Choose one of my wildlife pictures and bring nature into your home, meeting room or office. The motifs are taken by me in wildlife all over Europe with professional Nikon equipment.
Wildlife means that I sometimes roam around in nature at very ungodly hours (03.00 in the morning) to get these shots. A detailed story of how I get my pictures can be found here.
The high-resolution images are then worked out by me on the computer and then printed directly onto a 2mm thick photo cardboard using a UV printing process. The finished pictures are then mounted "floating" in the shadow gap frame, which creates a great and noble look.


The frames are produced in the Salzburg region and handmade by a renowned, certified frame builder. Every single piece is subjected to a quality check before delivery and before it makes its way to the customer.
The quality of the frames and prints is as important to me as the motifs themselves.

Many offices, conference rooms, doctors' surgeries and private homes have already been enlivened with my pictures, some of them themed. For example, it would be possible to name a room a "fox's den" or an "eagle's nest" or whatever you like and decorate it with pictures. There are many motifs to choose from and you decide which pictures should enliven your room.

Each image is only printed a maximum of 5 times and then removed from the range.
This ensures that your selection of images also has exclusivity.

All images are also available in black and white!

You would like images of your own birds of prey, pets, horses, cats or wildlife in your area and then a finished, high resolution image in one of our high quality shadow gap frames. Please contact me for a personal appointment for your photo shoot. I will be happy to make you an offer.

Landesmeister 2022 - Natur Fotografie

"National Champion2022 - Nature"

"Bundespreis-Landespreissieger Berufsfotografie 2023 - Natur / Tierfoto"

Free format

Formats from
30x30 bis 240x160cm

Frame colours

Antracite, Dark Brown,
White, Natural white

Delivery time

10-14 days

incl. wall bracket

for immediate assembly

Das hier abgebildete Logo wird nicht mitgedruckt, die Bilder werden handsigniert ausgeliefert

Wildlife pictures mammals to choose from

The order number and the different possible sizes are listed with each picture. If you are interested, please send me an email with the following informations

  • Partnumber

  • Size (e.g. 90x60 )

  • Frame colours: white, natural white (light brown), dark brown, anthracite

  • Number of pieces per picture

I will be happy to send you a quote. 

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