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Cumberland Wildlife Park - The Wolves

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Samstag 10-10-2021 Mostly my pictures are wildlife, but not always. I also like to visit the Cumberland Wildlife Park in the Almtal/Grünau and it was once again an unforgettable day. The wolves were in the best mood this time and so I get some great shots again. Since May 2019, bear and wolf have been living here in a common habitat. The location in the middle of the unique natural landscape of the Almtal enchants us every time. An experience for photographer and family.

Only a few minutes after the entrance is this beautiful facility and I always take a lot of time to observe these wonderful animals.

Activity with the wolves, there is no order. If there is not much going on, I set off and walk the small round, enjoy the wonderful natural landscape of the Almtal in the park and return to the wolves after the tour.

With a little patience I experienced a few beautiful moments every time and also captured wonderful pictures of the imposing animals with my Nikon camera.

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