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For some they are a symbol of wisdom, for others fascination and magic and for some fear and superstition. The eagle stands for courage and eternal strength. Peoples all over the world therefore chose it as their heraldic animal.

Perhaps for precisely these reasons, birds of prey are my favorite motifs. I have been fascinated by the kings of the sky since I was a child. No matter if buzzard, falcon, kite, eagle ..... all these birds of prey exert a special attraction on me and that is why I dedicate a lot of time to bird of prey photography.

High-resolution photos of my most beautiful birds of prey pictures to look at and if you like pictures, completely  easy to download. 

For the download choose between two different licenses.


  • License 1: For social networks in lower and web-optimized resolution.

  • License 2: High resolution images for  Image prints, posters and multimedia lectures.

The download of the images (without watermark) is available for up to 30 days after payment.

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