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Photo workshop

Birds in flight


Bundespreissieger Berufsfotografie 2023


Berufsfotografie 2023


Wildlife Workshop 2023 - Perfectly photograph birds in flight - Focus adjustment - Image division and focus point

Fotoworkshop Vögel im Flug

You want to learn the basics of perfect bird photography and it's the spectacular pictures of birds in flight that cause you the most problems - then you've come to the right place 😊
In this workshop you will learn the extensive knowledge of bird photography in flight, the autofocus settings and the various options on your camera and lens.

  • Theory (4-5 hours):


  • Focus level is the magic word:
    The interaction of camera and lens is crucial here, electronics and mechanics on your own camera have to be understood and synchronized. And especially with birds flying towards you, it takes a very special understanding to bring the sharpness of the images to a high level. Every blurred image is irretrievably lost.

Fotoworkshop Scharf im Flug

They want to acquire the basic knowledge for perfect bird photography and it is precisely the spectacular pictures of birds in flight that give them the most problems.
In this workshop you will learn the extensive knowledge of bird photography in flight, the settings of the autofocus and the various options on the camera and lens.
Discussion of the image division and the various focus settings.
Focus adjustment for DSLR cameras with SIGMA lenses via USB dock - an issue especially with telephoto lenses. The yield of sharp images can be massively increased with a perfect setting.
Freehand photography and photography from a tripod - what needs to be taken care of.
We adapt the handling of the camera and its setting to your needs as far as possible. Everyone should have as much knowledge of their own camera menu as possible, as the systems are sometimes very different.
Please take the operating instructions of your own camera with you to read.

The course takes place in the Grünau Wildlife Park in Almtal / Austria. A one-day course with a maximum of 3 participants.
Why Grünau Wildlife Park:
Here we find greylag geese, mallards, ravens, bald ibises in a very natural environment and, above all, free-living. The birds are very used to people and therefore very willing to take photos. This considerably increases the chances of getting some in front of the lens.

After this workshop you should have a lot more confidence in bird photography in flight and you should have expanded your knowledge of your own camera model a lot. The rest is then up to you - practice, practice, practice ...

Some more special courses are planned for September "Greylag geese flying in formation". Here the date and the location still have to be clarified. Just register in my newsletter and you will always be up to date.

"A good basis is the cornerstone for later perfection"

Courses take place every week from June 1st to October 15th from Monday to Friday.

Desired dates can be specified when registering. The earlier in the year you register, the more dates you can choose freely.

Target group:

Beginners and advanced

Number of participants:


Participation fee (per participant):

€ 249
Focus of the workshop:
Bird photography in flight - freehand exercises - tripod exercises - image division - autofocus - camera settings - lens recommendations

Recommended equipment:

Own reflex camera or system camera, telephoto lens from 500mm with full-format camera, telephoto lens from 200-300mm with MFT camera and telephoto lens from 300mm with APSC camera, if available 1.4 Tele converter, backpack or camera bag, tripod and swivel head (preferably Wimberley or similar), weatherproof clothing (wind - and waterproof), sturdy shoes, weather protection for camera and lens, memory cards, fully charged batteries and optionally a laptop.
Take a water bottle and possibly small snacks with you. On the way there is also an opportunity for drinks, ice cream and small snacks.

Not included in the price:
Wildlife park entrance ticket
Food and drinks
getting there
overnight stay

We hike about 3-5 kilometers through the wildlife park to different locations.

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