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Wildlife photography usually involves a lot of preparation and often hours of sitting in a hide. It is not uncommon for my alarm clock to go off at 3:30 a.m. in the summer and I have to hurry to get to the sitting area punctually before sunrise. Knowing the animals' habits and dealing with them intensively is a very important factor in order to be able to enjoy pictures at all get.

A few pictures here are not wildlife, but they are clearly marked as "not wildlife".

High resolution photos of my most beautiful wild animal pictures to look at and if you like pictures, completely  easy to download. 

For the download choose between two different licenses.


  • License 1: For social networks in lower and web-optimized resolution.

  • License 2: High resolution images for  Image prints, posters and multimedia lectures.

Images can be downloaded (without watermarks) for up to 30 days after payment.

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