Insects, reptiles

Insect photography also falls under macro photography and is an exciting topic. Just sit down on a meadow, by a body of water or in a forest and be very calm. Observe your surroundings patiently and attentively. You will be amazed how much life there is around you.

There is a lot of discussion about the equipment and a lot is not absolutely necessary. It doesn't have to be a macro lens. Many telephoto lenses, especially with MFT (Micro Four Third) cameras, can also be used wonderfully as macro lenses. This can reduce costs a little, which is an important point for beginners. You also gain a little distance to the subject and the risk of escape is much lower.

The following pictures of the beautiful dragonflies were taken with the Panasonic GH5 and a fixed focal length of 200mm.

The best time of day for insect photography is early in the morning. The light is still flat and the colors are even more effective. The insects are still a bit sluggish and that gives a little more time for a successful recording.

You have to be patient, because not every actuation of the trigger brings a sense of achievement. But the possibility of high series images of today's cameras increases the probability a lot.

Below are a few pictures that give us insights into a whole new world.